Best Video Game Intros

Some of the best action packed cinematic intros of video games with you tube links in no particular order:


Mech Warrior 4

“I have contact with main enemy force inside centeral courtyard… I’ll delay them here as long as I can.”

Mech Commander 1

“Commander, this is a dead end. I dont have jump jets.”


Descent FreeSpace 1

“Oh my god, they’re here. We all dead!”


Final Fantasy 8

“I’ll be here, waiting for you…”


Fallout 1

“War… War never changes”


WarHammer 40k Dawn of War

“For the emperor..!”


Diablo 2

“Why did I follow him? I dont know… All I know is… I had to follow him. From that moment, we travelled together east, always into the east.”


Front Mission 4


Kill Zone

“I have rebuild our nation, I have rebuild our strength and I have rebuild our pride.”


Red Alert 2

“Welcome to New Moscow”


Honorable mentions


Warcraft 3 Trailer

“The fate of the world is in your hands.”        Yeah, right…


Kill Zone 2 Trailer

“Holy s**t, is this in game graphics!?”


StarCraft Brood War Trailer

“Those who are about to die… We salute you.”


Bio Shock Trailer

“So I ask you, my friend. If your life is prized, would you kill the innocent? Would you sacrife your humanity… We all make choices, in the end our choices make us!”


Ace Combat 6 Trailer

“You have to leave now, get as far away as you can. They’re coming from the skies.”


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